A Midsummer’s Daydream

The biggest of the sun celebrations is almost upon us.  If I’m being totally honest, I always feel a bit overwhelmed during the solstices. By either the intensity of the Sun or the lack of it. The Sun truly is such a powerful force in our lives. On most days, I don’t really put a whole lot of thought into that fact, but this is the time to reflect.  

With that said, during this time of year, I am reminded of how much we depend on the Sun for everything we need. These days climate change is all anyone can talk about - it gives our mighty friend the Sun a bad rap. The Sun is the key to our existence, even before earth and water. We are all connected to Sun and our lives revolve around it- LITERALLY. All our time, routines, livelihood depends on the Sun- and the earth’s cycle around it. 

This week, note all that the sun gives you.  Feel appreciation for all it provides as you work in your garden, enjoy a sunset, go on a leisurely walk or even view the moon at night.  Whatever you enjoy this time of year, you likely owe to the Sun.   


One of my favorite Shakespearean plays is A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  Filled with magic and mischief, it tells the story of otherworldly forces in the human world.  While it is clearly fictitious, it is a great reminder of the ethereal world.  Barely noticeable, it is always there, occasionally brushing our lives in subtle ways – if we are open to it.  Summer nights are one of my very most favorite things in the whole world.  I could do without the mosquitos, but hey, nothing’s perfect.