Insight: Who is the Woman Behind Big Mountain Alchemy?

I am fortunate to enough to live in Utah, unquestionably one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  The Wasatch Mountains, Uintah Basin, myriad National Parks, and Great Salt Lake give an amazing opportunity to connect with Nature on so many levels.  

As a result, this is where I was able to find my spiritual connection to the Universe.  What I found in the beautiful expanse of nature was powerful, once I learned to recognize it.  Universal Light and a vibrational connection to all things, starting at my core.   

I always have been a nature lover as a result of this, appreciating the small gifts the Earth gives.  As I walk down a path or the beach, I am the person scanning the ground for treasures.   My husband and soulmate is the person drinking in the views and the greatness of the big picture while my biggest success of the day is savoring that little shell or polished stone that Nature gifted to me.   Gratitude is an important part of receiving these gifts.  It helps to remember where it comes from and to always respect that. 

I was introduced to mineral energy and crystal healing in my adolescence.  It made perfect sense to me and fit into my greater values.  Along with Earth stewardship, it is a powerful tool in Light Work and Healing.  I found that stones have a lasting energetic resonance, an ability to bring that healing energy from nature with them.  For we humans that are so tied to time and schedules and the everyday routines of life, this is a good way to tap into Nature.  Utilizing these tools that the Earth gives can help us tap into the Universe and use them for the greatest good in our lives.   

Throughout my life, I have cultivated this connection, seeking peace, healing and a greater understanding of the Divine.   After I had my two children, I sought out more understanding of energy work, becoming a Reiki Practitioner.  It has served me in my life, although I do not use it in a directly professional way.  I find that the tools it has given help me in my everyday life, as well as with the curation of stones, and creating of healing implements, apothecary products that I provide my customers.   

One of the best parts of stone energy is that you really can’t mess up.  I am here to help you on you journey.  As with everything, stone energy is not one-size-fits-all.  In fact, I very much dislike that term in general.  What helps one person may not help the next and vice versa.  Once you understand ‘you’, remember that the other big part of the outcome with stone healing (and anything, really) is intent and consistency.   

Throughout the coming weeks and months, I will offer up basic tips to help you on your quest for what may help you in your healing and spiritual journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts or questions.