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California White Sage Bundles

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These are freshly harvested from a sustainable Northern California Farm. California White Sage is a cleaner burning sage than that found in Utah. All Sage varieties (non-culinary Sage plants) produce a very rich and potent cleansing smoke for smudging. It is incredibly effective in clearing energy.

Smudging is the act of clearing the energy of an area, object or person to “cleanse and reset” that energy- either because of the presence of negative energy, overstimulating energy, draining energy, or intrusive energy from an outside source that is not welcome. It is a very good way for those in the healing field such as massage therapists, social workers, energy healers and Light workers to keep the energy that is absorbed by those they help at a minimum. It is also excellent for use in the home or office.

TO USE: Simply light one end or create small shavings to burn. It may need to be re-lit more than once to keep burning. It does not need to burn for long, just enough to bathe the area or object in smoke briefly. Once it is lit, hold the stick or bundle (preferably in a dish for safety) and, wave your other hand or a fan to gently push the smoke over what is desired to cleanse. If it is an area, it is advised to not leave it burning in one area, but to actively walk throughout the space while waving the smoke into the area, keeping the positive intent on cleansing in mind. One stick will last many uses, probably over 20 on average, depending on the length of time you keep it burning. Repeat as needed.

To keep fresh, once embers have completely gone out and stick is cool, place in a reusable zipper bag.

SAFETY NOTE: Please make sure to keep all incense and burning herbs contained in a fire-safe bowl or other dish during use and after it is extinguished until all embers are safely out. Do not leave smudge sticks/bundles unattended while burning