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Smokey Quartz w/Spessartine Garnet

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This natural Smokey Quartz is sporting it's own bling - with the inclusion of beautiful red-orange Spessartine garnet growth speckled and in grosular form on the outer facets.
Smokey Quartz is an essential stone to have in any collection, whether you are a novice crystal fan or an experienced healer. Smokey Quartz removes negative energy very effectively. It is a powerful stone to assist in journeys involving change and brings the wild, healing feminine energy of the Earth to the user. It is also a very good stone for dream interpretation, as sleeping with Smokey Quartz will encourage intuition and vision journeys.
Spessartine encourages you to see the bigger picture and helps to clarify answers when seeking them from the Universe. It provides focus, stability and security when needed. It coincides with the energy of the Root and Sacral Chakras and can provide comfort when in a new or unsettling environment.